Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we specialize in creating custom packaging for our customers. Each brand and product I unique and we aim to capture that uniqueness in the packaging of the product.
Yes! We have to ensure that the customer is always happy and aware of the quality that we supply. We supply samples free of cost.
We have generalized the categories to keep the selections to a reasonable length. If you find that we have not listed the product you are looking for then please contact us with your details and we would be happy to assist you further.
We have built our reputation on producing the highest quality corrugated packaging. From customer contact to shipping, we have QC & QA every step of the way. We also provide samples, so that you can see the product and the quality before ordering.
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All our boxes are made of recycled cardboard. We also use recycled paper as our primary filler. Besides the corrugated packaging, we also help in sourcing and supplying green packaging alternatives for various other products. You can always contact us for more details on what other green packaging solutions we have.
To ensure a snug and protective fit around the contents of the box, box measurements need to correspond to the inner dimensions. Measure the length, width and depth (height) of what you need to pack. Dimensions should be in the order of length, width and depth (height).
In order to create efficiencies in the manufacturing process, MOQ’s are set for each custom product. MOQ’s ensure that the raw materials required for the order are sourced economically, the production process is running continuously without downtime or changing items and for reducing waste in the production process. All this ensures that the customer is paying competitive rates compared to ordering low volumes for custom packaging.
Each type of packaging will generally have different order minimums. Special style and custom shape corrugated boxes (for any purpose) will generally have an MOQ of 5,000 pcs. Flexible Packaging (bags, stand up pouches) will generally require MOQ of 25,000 pcs.
The first step would be to access your current packaging to determine if your it’s not over specific for the required purpose. Sometimes the packaging can be too strong or complicated for the required product. Next would be to consider your procurement. If you are buying multiple packaging products from multiple suppliers, then it would be best to consolidate suppliers for better pricing. You could also consider transport and storage of packaging products. Are you asking for frequent deliveries or having your goods be stored with your supplier? These costs get added to your packaging costs.
Tooling charges are the one-off cost of making the required cutting and printing tools for making your packaging in a particular custom shape, size and design. The tools are often the print plates and die cut knife. On some occasions we are able to wave of the tooling charges if the first order quantity is of a certain volume.
Supplying high quality products and customer satisfaction are the two main objectives of AAC. If for any reason that you have received defective goods, we ensure our procedure not only to resolves the issue with full customer satisfaction but also implements corrective measures so that the same error never occurs again.
In order for us to provide an accurate quotation we have to be sure of the specifications of the packaging that you require. You can either supply us with a sample of your current packaging and we can quote on that, or we could design a completely new packaging based on your product specifications and based on the packaging will be used.
B flute boxes are thicker, and the normal misconception is that thicker means stronger. Most of the time it would be true, but it also depends on the product. Pizza is light and is not in the box for a long period of time. Therefore, having a B flute box might be an over kill. Furthermore, E flute being thinner takes less space for storage and is cheaper to buy as well. Overall, both E flute and B Flute pizza boxes will do the job perfectly.
A packaging broker is someone who has a wealth of knowledge about the packaging industry. They generally have a vast network of connections with all types of packaging businesses and manufacturers. They basically act as you personal packaging assistant, while sourcing and catering to all your packaging needs. The costs being higher with the packaging broker is one of the most common misconceptions. Brokers still have to complete in the same market as direct manufacturers and having expensive products will not help the broker. The brokers can source products at competitive prices from various manufacturers in order to keep their costs low and offer customers competitive prices. The main advantage of the broker is that you are not limited by the capabilities or offerings of the manufacturer. Because brokers source from a host of different manufacturers, sourcing different and unique packaging products is much easier for the brokers.
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