About AAC

All About Cartons is a packaging importer & supplier with over 15 years of experience in supplying innovative, high quality and customisable packaging products.

We believe that packaging plays a key role in customers buying and decision-making process. Proper packaging can create great appeal and attractiveness towards a company’s products. If done right, packaging products offer an alternate marketing and advertising channel for the company and helps in creating brand identity, awareness and loyalty.

Most of the time we find that businesses are made to use stock standard packaging products due to lack of options presented, unwillingness of suppliers to customize or even lack of internal packaging knowledge. These stock products are the same your competitors and other businesses use which does not offer your business any advantage.

Besides being packaging supplier, we also act as packaging consultants whereby we understand your business and try to create efficiencies for your packaging ecosystem. We look at storage & delivery space requirements, folding & packing time taken, transportation stackability & durability. Based on all these components we can assist in designing a packaging portfolio that is unique to your business.

Our customers deserve everything with the highest quality and standard; it applies not only to our packaging solutions, but also our customer service. We have a team that looks after you right from the day you make an inquiry until your requested products are delivered to your locations.

Our mission is to bring you the most cost-effective packaging solution without compromising quality. We achieve this through smart design, creating a product that looks great and uses the least amount of resources.

AAC’s growth is attributed to our comprehensive range of packaging products and solutions at competitive prices and a commitment to customer service that is second-to-none.