Design & Artwork
Here at PT Spark we take time to understand your business and packaging requirements to ensure we design and pick only the most appropriate materials that suit your business needs. Our design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to offer packaging which is a unique combination of functionality, competitive pricing and personalized artwork. If you know you want to customize your packaging with colours, logos, artwork or designs, but aren’t sure where to begin, we can provide design ideas and the packaging to match your requirements.

Product Development
Nothing lasts forever and the need to be unique and different is even greater now than ever before. So why use the same product which is being used by your competitors or the same product you have been using for a while? Change is inevitable and if done right, can increase innovation and creativity. So ask us and let us help you create new packaging for your valuable goods.

We take pride in the quality of products that we design & supply and that’s why we get all aspect right before going into production. We will provide you with plain packaging samples and artwork so that you know exactly what your custom packaging and branding will look like before it hits production.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance
AT PT SPARK, we strive to provide our customers with products and services of exceptional quality because we believe the importance of exceeding their expectations.

We thrive on continuous improvement and in order to maintain the quality of our work, we have put together a process which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

PT Spark’s Quality Control Process is implemented through the following key strategies:

  • We have put a procedure in place to gather regular customer feedbacks & complaints.
  • Management reviews on all our processes, results and customer feedbacks.
  • Periodical training and development for our employees specially to keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques in design.
  • Implementation of internal rewards system which encourages and drives our employees towards excellence in their undertakings.
  • An ongoing documentation of effective information and sufficient knowledge transfer to new employees ensuring smooth transitions during a turnover.