About AAC

AboutAAC has been providing corrugated and paper packaging solutions for over a decade. We bring together the manufacturer and the customer in a unique manner. Closely working as a consultant to the manufacturer and a sourcing agent for the buyer through our strong alliances & deep sense of commitment. Due to our market knowledge and understanding we are able to provide manufacturers with an in depth analysis of products and materials as well as customer expectations and requirements. This assists in ensuring that from the get go the manufacturers and the customers are on the same page. 

Our expertise in the packaging industry helps in assisting customers meet their requirements without them spending any additional time on designing & quality and ensuring that they always have the best options available. We are able to review the current packaging materials and help reduce overall costs by implementing the most effective materials possible. In many cases, we are able to design packaging that is lighter weight-and therefore less expensive to ship than our clients have used in the past. In doing so, we never compromise on quality and strength. Everything we make is designed to effectively withstand the rigors of shipping and handling.

AAC offers a wide range of corrugated and paper packaging products for all business needs and industry types. From commercial packing to fast food, you can be sure to find what you are looking for with us.